Postojna Caves

There are lots of excursions that can be taken from Lake Bled and one of the most popular is to the Caves at Postojna.

This magical underground world will take your breath away. The monumental beauty and huge size of the stalagmites and stalactites make them amongst the most admired in the world. Formed through the centuries by the work of nature, helped by the River Pivka, droplets of water have hollowed out and also added stone to create this wonderful mysterious world of fantastic structures.

The Postojna Caves consist of 20 kilometres of halls, chambers and galleries and the temperature inside the caves remains at a constant 80C. Tourists explore the caves by an electric train and then a guided walk. The experienced guide will highlight the most fascinating features and explain their origins. The complete tour lasts about an hour and a half and the time just flies by.

Don’t forget to take a warm jumper and prepare to be amazed.