It may come as a surprise to learn that Slovenia does have a coastal region (measuring only 46.6 kilometres) and here you will find the beautiful, picturesque town of Piran. This wonderful medieval town is one of the best preserved historical towns on the Adriatic. The Piran town walls were constructed to protect the town from the Turkish Empire, and many parts of the city walls have been lovingly preserved and remain to this day and you can enjoy the most fantastic views as you walk along them. Strolling through the narrow streets you will be overwhelmed by Piran's unique charm.

Piran was originally an old seaport and is now protected as a cultural and historical monument and traffic access is very restricted with parking facilities provided on the outskirts of the town. Its medieval layout with narrow streets and Venetian influences give it a Mediterranean look and you will be totally enthralled as you wander the streets and the main square.

A visit to this picturesque coastal region is a total contrast to your Lake Bled holiday in the Julian Alps. It is possible to book day excursions from Bled to the Slovenian Adriatic and a visit to Piran is well worth the long journey. You certainly won't be disappointed.