Walking and Hiking around Lake Bled


Strolling around Bled is a lovely experience with so much to see. You can browse in the many shops and just enjoy the scenic surroundings. There are plenty of seats by the lakeshore where you can relax and soak in the beauty of the Lake Bled and its surroundings. A Lake Bled holiday is a truly memorable experience.

If you want to be more adventurous and relish walking jusf that little bit further you may want to get yourself a 1:6600 map just to keep an eye on your bearings.


For the serious walkers and ramblers a 1:2500 map would probably be more suitable. This has lots of information and details about the walks and trails, and there are lots! For example the umpteen ways to and from Vintgar Gorge, though my recommendation would be to catch the bus there and walk back. That will certainly give you an appetite for dinner. For more information on Vintgar Gorge have a look at our 'things to do' page.

Vintgar Gorge is just one of the many lovely walks that can be taken during your stay in the resort.

There are lots of trails for the keenest ramblers to embark upon, such as climbing Kuhovnica to see the fantastic panoramic lake views. The picture below was taken on one of the many walks from Bled and you can find maps and walking information suitable for all levels of walkers available in the local shops.