Bled Castle

One of the highlights of your Lake Bled holiday has to be a visit to the fairytale Bled Castle.

Bled boasts the oldest castle in Slovenia and completes the fairytale scene. This medieval fortress was restored between 1951 and 1961. The views from the panoramic terrace over the lake with the Julian Alps, the Karavanke and Kamnik Alps in the background are just magnificent. You can spend time browsing around the two courtyards and the museum. There is also a restaurant and bar to laze and enjoy a refreshing drink, especially if you have come by foot. The castle can easily be reached by following one of the many paths from the resort or lakeside.

If the climb appears daunting don’t be concerned that you will miss out on visiting this lovely castle as there are other alternatives modes of travel to take you to the wonderful Bled castle.

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